YouTube Channel Launched

Ill-advised because social platforms like YouTube are built on the precepts of addiction psychology. Will I become addicted myself? The way to tell is whether or not good quality imaginative work is showing up on this website.

Right now I’m working on short stories, a book of poems, a novel, and writing the best possible fortnightly newsletter I can muster. Many of these stories will also get to live as audiobooks complete with voice actors, music and ambient soundscapes, unless I get addicted to social media, in which case none of it will exist.

A Newsletter With a Difference

The word ‘newsletter’ is a bit dull, isn’t it? Talismans Against Boring Culture is more accurate for this. Think of them as little spells landing in your inbox – fortnightly talismans to guard against the drab mundanity of nine to five rhythms.

If you’re curious about what I mean by ‘Boring Culture’ you can read more here.

Every last one of these letters will be composed with care, passion, and a little trickster energy. They will be delivered to you for free on the first and third Monday of every month by Kenneth, the imaginary raven with the scroll in scroll in his mouth.

Read a sample at, made with love and built to last.