Ben Patrick Holden is a fantasy writer from the South Pennines, now living with his wife and son by the woods in the North East of England.

He first start started writing fantasy at the age of ten, on the Solway coast surrounded by mountains, forests and the ocean.

He studied the craft of writing at the Universities of Teesside and Newcastle, through the mediums of branching narrative video games and film, before returning to his first love: the novel.

He is presently working on the first in a trilogy of epic fantasy novels through a year long course at Faber Academy.


For me, writing fantasy is a kind of creative engagement with the soul of the world, with the spirit of woods and rivers, and with ancient moss-covered rocks. I write because I love this breathing biosphere of ours. I want it to set my imagination on fire, and to make stories that help to reawaken our old kinship with the land in this time of uncertainty and loss.

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